First-aid for festive stains

Entertaining friends and family means spillages are more common at this time of year. But keeping your Crown Floors carpet stain-free is easy with a little know-how.

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Get the look: teaming stripes with plains

Striped or plain carpet? It’s a decorating dilemma. Plains, of course, are the more in-demand and arguably “safer” choice, creating a neutral background that allows the furniture in a room to take centre stage. If you own lots of patterned or brightly coloured furnishings and want to avoid an overly “busy” look, plain coloured carpets are definitely the way to go.

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Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Last year it was “Denim Drift” – and sure enough, we’ve seen an influx of blues in home furnishings in 2017, from vibrant teal to navy – but 2018 is going to be all about mauve. Yes, the colour specialists at Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre have chosen the shade they predict will define our interiors over the coming 12 months, and it’s “Heart Wood”, a dusky mauve “designed to bring a sense of comfort to the home”.

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2018 trend: seventies chic

Move over mid-century modern – if the autumn/winter catwalks and trend forecasters are right, there’ll be a definite seventies vibe to our interiors in 2018. Designers such as Jonathan Adler have long championed the look but it seems it’s going mainstream; according to Pinterest, macramé wall hangings, chunky knitted throws and house plants are among the most-pinned items this month.

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Stain Free Summers

The school holidays are upon us and as well as keeping your kids busy and out of mischief, there are a million and one things to think about, not least keeping them from destroying your carefully chosen interior décor.

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Bare It All

Leaving your walls unpainted and untreated is one of the hottest home and interior design trends for this year, so carpet can be a great way to soften the industrial look and make it entirely liveable. 

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Perfect patterns for your home!
Welcome to COTY 2017: Denim Drift

We love colour, something a quick scroll through our blog posts will testify! It comes as little surprise, then, that ‘Colour of the Year’ announcements really make us tick, whether it’s the Colour Institute, Pantone, or perhaps a producer of pristine paints like Dulux...

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Pantone reconnects with nature

Every year we look forward to colour prediction season, but although a number of brands panic and gaze into their crystal ball early, there is only one prediction that holds credence the world over. We are referring to Pantone, the colour institute who place ridiculous amounts of effort into their shade analysis.

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Crown Floors returns to Harrogate

It’s that time of the year again. Not Christmas, New Year or Easter, rather the large milestone that protrudes from the flooring calendar; we are of course talking about The Flooring Show, Harrogate, where industry folk can discover the big trends for the year ahead.

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Crown Floors Blog

5 January 2018

Your carpet-buying crib-sheet

5 Jan 2018 by Tom Bourne

Do you know your tufts from your twist? Although we try to keep jargon to a minimum at Crown Floors – and any good retailer will be happy to explain things to you – familiarising yourself with a few key carpet manufacturing terms can help you shop smarter. 

Pile height: This is the measurement from the top surface of the carpet backing to the top of the pile (the fibres). As a general rule of thumb, the shorter the pile, the more resilient the carpet.

Pile weight: Not the weight of the carpet (including the backing) itself, but simply the weight of the fibres, usually measured per square metre or square yard of carpet.

Tufted carpet: although some carpets (like our Glendevon range) are still woven on looms, most carpets today are manufactured by “tufting” – punching the yarns into the carpet backing using needles.

Cut pile: A type of carpet pile formed by cutting the loops that are created during the tufting process. Cut-pile carpets like our Greystoke range tend to feel very dense and comfortable underfoot.

Shag pile: As shown in our Athena range, this type of carpet has extra-long tufts for a soft feel and a luxurious shaggy look.

Ply: The thickness of a carpet yarn. “2 ply” means that each carpet tuft consists of two yarns spun together. A 2-ply carpet will therefore be stronger than one that’s single-ply.

Twist pile: The yarns in this type of carpet have been tightly twisted together, giving the pile a slightly textured surface and good appearance retention. Our Canterbury range is a good example of the look.

Secondary backing:  this type of carpet has an additional backing bonded to the primary backing with latex, for extra resilience.

Heather effect: Carpet yarn made from more than one fibre colour, to give a multitonal “flecked” appearance.

Easy Clean: Our Easy Clean carpets are made from a resilient fibre that is naturally resistant to staining, and come with long warranties.