Caring for Your Carpet

All of our Easy Clean carpets are made from a stain-resistant fibre that can be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution. Bringing worry-free living, our Easy Clean fibre really lets you enjoy your new carpet, but there are certain things you should do to keep it looking like new. 

Prevention is better than cure

Placing mats at external doorways will do much to keep dirt at bay, trapping it before it has a chance to become trodden in to your carpet. However, this mats are only effective when maintained, so make sure you regularly clean them, particularly in the winter months.

Vacuum regularly

Much can be done to keep your carpet looking fabulous with regular vacuuming. We recommend you vacuum at least twice a week, using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush head. These are more effective and the only real way of removing deep-down dirt. The carpet pile will also recover quicker using these rotating brush style vacuum cleaners.

Professional Clean

Just as you would go to a dentist on a regular basis, you should get your Crown Floors carpet checked out by.a reputable carpet cleaning professional every two years. The range of specialised cleaning equipment available to these knowledgeable and trained professionals will be far more effective than any machine that you can hire. 

Stain first aid

Even with our Easy Clean carpets, it's really important to treat the stain as soon as possible to stand the best chance of complete removal. What method you use will depend on the nature of the stain, but there is one golden rule; never rub. Rubbing the stain tends to spread it outwards, so you should always bolt.

Download our Stain Guide leaflet to see what method is best to get rid of your stain.