Stain Warranty

Our Easy Clean carpets will resist food and drink stains for years to come when you follow our recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures. Regular carpet care and routine maintenance is essential to maintain your warranty coverage. It is important that you give immediate attention to any accidental spillages using clean water or a proprietary carpet cleaner. Over time, normal foot traffic and general soiling of your carpet will cause a change in your carpet's appearance.

With that in mind, regular professional cleaning is required to uphold your stain warranty, no matter how long the term. A professional clean of your carpet should be carried out at least every 24 months. Retain your reciepts for proof of maintenance and other than that, just enjoy your Crown Floors Easy Care carpet safe in the knowledge that it will keep looking fabulous for years to come.

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Wear Warranty

Our Wear Warranty gives you confidence that your carpet is made to last under normal domestic use. Should it wear prematurely, we'll replace it for free. We warrant that your new Crown Floors carpet will not wear by more than 10% of weight from normal foot traffic for the period of your warranty. The warranty covers only abrasive wear resulting in loss of fibre. Wear or damage from tears, pulls, cuts, pilling, shedding, matting, crushing, burns, pets, improper cleaning, improper installation, or defective construction is excluded.

Of course, there are some terms and conditions to it all, which you can discover by clicking on your wear warranty below.