15 Year Stain Warranty Terms & Conditions

Crown Floors carpets with the 15 Year Stain Warranty will resist stains by foods and beverage for a period of fifteen (15) years when recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures are used. Regular carpet care and routine maintenance is essential to maintain your warranty coverage. It is important that you give immediate attention to any accidental spillages using clean water and a proprietary carpet cleaner.

Over time, normal foot traffic and general soiling of your carpet will cause a change in any carpet's appearance. Hot water extraction either alone or in combination with cleaning is required to maintain your Crown Floors warranty.

This service must be performed by a professional carpet cleaning technician at least once every 24 months to retain your receipts for proof of maintenance service should a warranty claim arise. Crown Floors carpets with the 15 Year Stain Warranty are manufactured from high performance polypropylene under the exclusive Crown Floors brand name. These carpets are inherently anti-static and do not absorb moisture.

Warranty Conditions

The carpet needs to be fitted in areas for which it is suitable; this is clearly mentioned on the Crown Floors technical specification-sheet.

The carpet needs to be installed by a qualified fitter on a solid floor and in the approved manner in accordance with British Standards 5325.

The carpet must be maintained professionally on a regular basis, using products and machinery of good quality. The necessary protection measures, such as doormats and similar, must be taken.

The warranty is only valid for a first grade Crown Floors carpet.

The warranty only applies for the first buyer, provided that the original purchase invoice can be submitted.

1st year after purchase: 100%
2nd year after purchase: 93% 
3rd year after purchase: 86%
4th year after purchase: 79%
5th year after purchase: 72%
6th year after purchase: 65%
7th year after purchase: 58%
8th year after purchase: 51%
9th year after purchase: 44%
10th year after purchase: 37%
11th year after purchase: 30%
12th year after purchase: 23%
13th year after purchase: 16%
14th year after purchase: 9%
15th year after purchase: 2%

15-year warranty only applies on the purchase value of the carpet with an annual writing-off of 7% and 2% in the final year. This warranty does not cover the fitting costs and possible other additional costs. 

The warranty is no longer valid when damage arises due to malice, negligence, removal of the carpet, transport or due to fire, damage by water and similar. We specifically decline all responsibility for other direct or indirect damage. Complaints on shading are not seen as a manufacturing fault and are therefore not covered by this warranty.

In case of dispute, Crown Floors will appoint an expert who will inspect the carpet on site.